The Return Of The adidas NMD In The OG Colorway Has Been Postponed

December 10, 2016 - Adidas NMD

It was around this time one year ago that adidas motionless to deliver a universe to the adidas NMD. The initial colorway that expelled was this Black, White, Red and Blue chronicle we see above. Now famous as a OG colorway, a shoe was ostensible to make a lapse this month though for some reason the recover date has been pushed back.

An unknown source has let it be famous that a OG colorway will still be releasing, though not this month. The latest info now states that a shoe will re-release on Jan 14th, that is usually a month divided so we won’t have to wait that most longer. Are we vehement for this drop? Stay tuned as some-more info on this rarely expected recover starts to surface.

image: AFEW
h/t: HB

Author’s Take

I can’t trust it’s been tighten to a year given these released. It would have been bone-head had they expelled these accurately on a 1 year anniversary. Regardless of when they do drop, I’m flattering certain fan are pumped to get another shot during these.

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