If This Writing Thing Doesn’t Work Out, I’m Flipping Shoes for a Living

April 11, 2018 - Adidas NMD

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I’m not a sneakerhead in a required sense. I’ve never stood in a line in a cold (or hot, for that matter) for a moment during a shoe release. I’ve never entered a shoe raffle anticipating to patrolman a span of exclusives or waited adult during night on a internet lovely a page over and over anticipating that my selling transport would enclose some shoes. we have usually ever owned dual pairs of Jordans in my whole life. we don’t even possess any Supreme apparel, that means that we don’t have any desired Supreme collabo shoe releases.

Naw. we only like shoes, and if we like a span and they’re available, we get them. While I’m not a sneakerhead, we do have a lot of pairs of shoes, including some exclusives, and have dabbled in a universe of high-end boots as well.

I constantly demeanour during Stadium Goods and StockX for prices that we can clear to a missus for semifrozen yellow Yeezys (because we unequivocally like them) or some Off-White x Nike “The Ten” Collection Retro Jordan 1s. Neither has come down to a cost we feel gentle paying. Now, we have spent a reason on some shoes, though. I’ve always desired Pharrell Williams’ collab with Adidas, and those yellow “Human Race” NMDs? En fuego.

So one day final summer, we ponied adult some income and got myself a late birthday AND early Christmas benefaction and systematic them off. we paid only underneath (gulp) $500 for them, though they’re exclusives and we really, unequivocally wanted them.

I tracked those boots like a bloodhound, and a day they arrived, we was attending a Goodman League diversion during Barry Farms in Washington, D.C. When we got a presentation that they were during a door, we called and texted, creation certain SOMEBODY in a residence got my shoes. Jubilation. we put them on, and we can’t determine this with science, though I’m flattering certain we listened angels sing. we delicately placed them behind in a box and proceeded to wear them, like, 3 times since.


While we buy my boots to wear them, we can’t fake that spending so most income for them doesn’t make me some-more clever and reduction expected to wear them frequently. Which is a good thing given we recently looked adult how most it would cost to patrolman a span of a same yellow boots in a distance 10, and well, it’s about $2,500 on normal opposite several sites right now. Should we confirm to sell those overpriced shoes, we could actually make money, to a balance of roughly 4 times what we spent. Shut my mouth far-reaching open and reason my mule; we only competence be in a wrong business.

I was examination some YouTube video of some dude whose name escapes me who we consider buys and sells boots for a living. He flips boots like folks flip houses. Is he creation $50,000-plus for a shoe? No. But if he’s spending $500 for a span of boots that he manages to sell for $1,000 and does this several times a week—which is totally probable depending on what a marketplace is doing—he could make adequate to get by and put “sneaker flipper” on his taxation forms. I’m presumption that’s 1099 work.

Seeing how most my yellow “Human Race” joints are value has me severely deliberation hopping into a sneaker resale market. I’m constantly looking during boots we want, though a law is, we should be looking during boots other people want. For instance, we didn’t buy a Off-White Jordan 1s given they were, like, $1,200 when we was deliberation them. Now? $2,800. That is a RIDICULOUS volume to compensate for shoes, though we consider it was philosopher aristocrat Lil Wayne who once quipped that “It ain’t trickin’ if we got it.” we could have done some critical guap.


Now, of course, with any investment proposition, a high prerogative comes with poignant risk. What if we buy some boots that we can never move? Then I’m out whatever we spent on boots we substantially can’t wear—investing means I’m copping some accessible shoes, not indispensably my size—and praying that we can during slightest mangle even on boots that cost too most to start with. we trust a systematic tenure for this is “ass out.” Plus, I’d have to spend a poignant volume of time study a shoe marketplace and staying adult on releases and perplexing to patrolman for sell cost AND gripping a receipt so folks know I’m promulgation them central dead-stock merchandise. Keeping a receipt alone is labor for me.

But a allure is there. we have no thought if a sneaker marketplace is a bubble; because anybody not abounding would spend $3,000 for a span of tennis boots is over me. But clearly a marketplace exists for certain boots like that. we have during slightest 4 pairs of boots right now that we could make income off of, to a balance of during slightest $300 per shoe if we wanted to sell them.

All we know is that if this essay thing ever goes south, I’m not going behind to a feds. I’m streamer true to my sneaker racks and perplexing my fitness on a market.


And if we need a span of roughly packet condition Adidas NMD “Human Race” yellow joints and have income blazing a hole in your pocket, howl during me.

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